New Work
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New Work

Sit Like a Lady Series

Sit Like a Lady is a visual metaphor for the practice of ‘wo+manspreading.’ Female figures sit in confident and powerful body positions, often associated with men. By portraying women in these ‘wide’ positions with dominant body language, I challenge the customary gender stereotypes of ‘a powerful position’ for a man being ‘a sexual signal position’ for a woman.

Point of Crossing

Point of Crossing explores the fleeting moments between the unfamiliar, who happen to share a common place and time in their busy lives. These near meetings have a transparency to them, passing points in space, seemingly insignificance. Points where future, present, and past overlap then fade. In our fast paced lives today, it feels important to remember these drifting connections.

Hidden Faces & Figures Series

Hidden faces and figures emerge from expressive bold paint strokes, reflecting the convergence where stillness and turbulence meet. The images capture a quiet moment of deep reflection in the midst of life’s noise, searching to find peace and happiness from within. When it’s turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.

Unrepeated Series

Growing up as an identical twin, I experienced many who admired our commonality. It wasn’t until I was older that I began to take risks and fight for my individuality. My Unrepeated series is a tribute to diversity, encouraging relationships across contrasting divides. We may all share a common form, but it is our differences that matter. We can all thrive and benefit from our appreciation and protection of what is universal and unique.