New Work
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Standing While Sitting Down

They are strong, powerful, and feminine, holding your gaze with a sense of understanding of things that we could never dare to express; I see them as standing strong, even while sitting down, challenging and reshaping gender expectations that are long-established in our culture.


My mother accepted security at a cost. I insisted on freedom of choice. Women today are embracing nothing less than total acceptance of who they are, body and mind.

Sit Like a Lady

We are taught to play roles every day, worrying about what we are supposed to do, and stressing about what every other person thinks of us. We are told what makes a lady, that it is something intangible, yet ever important. It lives in the way we speak, walk, and dress. I thought of my mother as this piece came to life, and she said, “sit like a lady.”


She sits confident and powerful, in a body position often associated with men. In this ‘wide’ position, she challenges the customary gender stereotypes of ‘a powerful position’ for a man being ‘a sexual signal position’ for a woman. Sit Like a Lady is a visual metaphor for the practice of ‘wo+manspreading.’

Lift, Nip, & Tuck

No matter how beautiful we are, or have been, the world seems to demand more of us. Lift, nip, and tuck, they tell us, over and over again. So, when we look in the mirror and see all our imperfections, we lift, nip, and tuck, over and over again.


I’ve come to realize that aging gracefully requires us to appreciate the wisdom of imperfections, to embrace the natural process that we all go through, no matter how beautiful we are, or have been. As it grows more and more difficult to escape the pressures of anti-aging procedures by the world around us, a new norm of false faces has risen. Choosing to age naturally has become the new shame.

Point of Crossing

Every day, we experience fleeting moments between the unfamiliar, sharing a common place and time. These near meetings have a transparency to them, passing points in space, seemingly insignificance. Points where future, present, and past overlap then fade. It feels important to remember these drifting connections.

Hidden Faces

Stillness and turbulence meet in the quiet moments of deep reflection. Amidst life’s struggles, we search to find peace and happiness from within. When it’s turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.