Sit Like a Lady 1
sit like a lady, art, figurative art, modern art, contemporary art, r hermelyn di silvestro, printmaking, monotype, pink, manspreading, work on paper, visual metaphor, gender stereotypes, powerful position,
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Sit Like a Lady
Sit Like a Lady 1

Monotype, Oil, 36″ x 27″ x 2″, mounted to custom wood panel



Juried Exhibitions:

The 22nd National
Mixografia Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Juror: Kenturah Davis
(70 works selected from 821 submissions)


Salon at the Triton 2021 2D Art Competition and Exhibition
Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara CA
(100 works selected from 1400 submissions)


The Fierce Urgency of Now: Socially Engaged Printmaking
Janet Turner Print Museum, Chico CA
(36 works selected from 436 submissions)


We are taught to play roles every day, worrying about what we are supposed to do, and stressing about what every other person thinks of us. We are told what makes a lady, that it is something intangible, yet ever important. It lives in the way we speak, walk, and dress. I thought of my mother as this piece came to life, and she said, “sit like a lady.”


She sits confident and powerful, in a body position often associated with men. In this ‘wide’ position, she challenges the customary gender stereotypes of ‘a powerful position’ for a man being ‘a sexual signal position’ for a woman. Sit Like a Lady is a visual metaphor for the practice of ‘wo+manspreading.’