Waiting for the Water to Rise
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Waiting for the Water to Rise

Monotype and Digital, Oil, 30″ x 22″



1st Place, Pacific Prints, PAL Main Gallery, Palo Alto CA, 2016


2017 North American Print Biennial, Lunder Arts Center, Cambridge MA
Juror: Judith Brodie, Curator of Modern Prints and Drawings National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.


In Waiting for the Water to Rise, the umbrella is typically seen as a symbol for protection (as our government elect) but instead, it is presented as a source for a typographic barrage of our earth’s cries. Type falls like tears from the umbrella, parallel to a fading human form.


The intentional use of empty white space is meant to be uncomfortable, as an awkward silence in a conversation. The imbalance and tension created, reflects the divergence of global warming. The typography plays a role within the narrative by revealing the distressing facts while rendering the objects at risk. The fading human figures remind us that we are predominantly made up of water and are in danger of losing our life source.