Safe Place
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Safe Place

Monotype, Drypoint and Type Transfer, 23.5″ x 17.5″


Regional Collective, Janet Turner Print Museum,

CSU, Chico CA
Juror: Leslie Jones, Curator of Prints and Drawings,

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Safe Place expresses the private turmoil and conflict one experiences when you publicly agree with your place in this world but privately aspire to follow another path. The overwhelming social and media pressure, to comply and follow, immobilizes your voice for self and desires. The internal conversation to conform or rebel, to be good or bad, to be accepted or rejected is a duel to the end.

The self-reflective poem, Safe Place, forms a solid typographic block that visually expresses the heavy weight of the unknown and pressures to conform, burdens that are carried upon the shoulders of the figure.