Rise Installation
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Private Revolution

Installation – Acrylic figures and box shapes, 100% biodegradable umbrellas, and fishing line – variable sizes lrg, med, and sm


Rise is an installation celebrating women and their aspirations to be more. Female figures ascend in the air, breaking away from confinement to rise beyond. Above each figure is a clear umbrella, symbolizing the glass ceiling. This invisible barrier has historically affected marginalized groups when advancing in their professions. The engraved names and titles on each female form become a textural pattern, whispering of powerful and strong women.


The installation honors the many women leaders who are tearing down imposed limitations and obstacles built to define and divide differences. Although women continue to be bound by gender, caste, creed, and nation, many have weakened or removed their constraints to obtain leadership positions in industry, academia, and government. The engraved Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list attests to this advancement.